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Johnny's Ent. NYC Fans
UPDATE! AnimeNEXT Meetup 
12th-Jun-2008 05:42 pm
The schedule for the convention is finally up! The meeting place is the same and we've decided on a time!

Is noon-2:00 good for everyone? I think that would be best.

Also, my mother (lol I'm 16) has brought up the issue of food. I was planning on bringing just um...lots of candy. There's restaurants surrounding the "picnic area", but is there anything anyone specifically wanted? Hey, maybe there will be surprise BAKED GOODS. :D

Hope this works out for everyone~
14th-Jun-2008 05:26 am (UTC)
YEY! Sounds good to me. And as for food they have some fast food places.

Just gotta figure out where the plaza you mention is. XD; I just can't remember each hotel anymore.
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